About Siach Yitzchok

An Encompassing Chinuch Environment

Boy sitting at classroom desk learningThe heart of the Siach Yitzchok approach is the concept of nurturing the neshama, or the soul. There is no limit to what the pure and untainted neshama of a Jewish child can achieve when properly connected with Torah and Mitzvos. The sweet taste of accomplishment helps the child along the way to true success.

It is of utmost importance to maintain this natural purity through a warm and wholesome environment. Siach Yitzchok creates a firm, protective oasis that promotes kedusha and a faculty of mechanchim who are living examples of the exaltedness achieved through Torah.

Alumni Abound

If you look around you will see two generations of former Siach Yitzchok talmidim gracing the ranks of Klal Yisroel in different positions throughout the country. These alumni are the ultimate testimony to this fundamental principle.

rabbi schecter

“The purity one sees in the talmidim of Siach Yitzchok is a testimony to the kedusha of Klal Yisroel.”

Harav Aharon Shechter Shlit”a
Rosh Hayeshiva
Yeshivas Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Helping Siach Yitzchok construct a new building will help us to continue our vital mission of nurturing young boys to enhance torah study.

Hands-On Chinuch

Boy sitting at classroom desk learning

The rebbeim at Siach Yitzchok are of the highest caliber, teaching a high-level curriculum. From the youngest age, talmidim are taught to fully engage in their learning and to maximize the joy and ecstasy of yiddishkeit to their fullest.

Siyumim and other milestones are harnessed as pivotal events, to fully convey the true fulfillment and satisfaction that are derived from achievement in Torah, and to create a deep desire for further growth. Celebrations throughout the year, such as Seudos Rosh Chodesh, the Chanukah Mesibah, the Dreidel Drop, the Lag Ba’omer Hadlaka, all bring to vibrant life the essence and flavor of the Mo’adim through invigorating hands-on experiences.

Rebbeim use positivity every day to reinforce each talmid’s unique gifts and talents. Individualized focus on each talmid is the secret behind our academic excellence.

Rabbi Sitnick

“Just as the human body serves as the levush, which clothes the neshama and is perfectly tailored to perfectly fit every aspect of one’s essence, so too, we seek to tailor a new levush – a new body – to clothe the expanding neshama that is the Cheder.”

Rav Dovid Sitnick Shlit”a
Talmud Torah Siach Yitzchok

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